Television Dominicana selects The Creative Capital to lead outdoor promotion in NYC

Nov 29, 2011 • Miami

Television Dominicana, owned by Media World based out of Miami, FL has selected an upcoming ad agency from New York City - The Creative Capital to lead outdoor promotion. The campaign focuses on promoting the games from the Dominican Professional Baseball League which Television Dominicana recently acquired the rights to broadcast. The agency has been assigned creative production and media selection and execution.


It is the first campaign of such a magnitude for Television Dominicana, a nationally broadcasted channel in the US. The MLB equivalent for the Dominican population represents a faithful fan base affecting an estimated 3 million Dominicans residing in the US, with the majority in New York City.


The advertising elements include out of home: bus shelter ads and phone kiosks and grassroots: direct mail marketing, poster signage throughout the city and speaking engagements. The agency looks forward to gaining exposure and set a footprint in the advertising industry and encourage new businesses that normally would not take on marketing at that scale to do so.


About The Creative Capital

The Creative Capital is a full service advertising agency that is helping companies and organizations execute ideas that connects their brand with the consumer. They accomplish this by integrating a wide scope of formats including television, digital, mobile and print working together to fulfill a client's ultimate strategy. The agency specializes in the hispanic market by relying on a multicultural team of people that go through the preparation all the way to the placement of an ad. Some of the areas that the agency covers include research services, media selection and purchase and creative development. For more information visit:


About Media World

Media World, is a company belonging to the audiovisual production group Imagina US Media World has an extensive and successful track record in launching television channels, with direct access for primary programming and infrastructure with the latest technology. For more information visit:


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